The Hornbeam Academy Trust was formed in 2012 in order to sponsor its first school.

It has a track record in turning around failing schools and ensuring rapid improvement for children, young people and their families.

The Trust now has 3 Academies, although Hornbeam Academy is actually an amalgamation of 2 predecessor schools (Brookfield House School and William Morris School).

All of the schools in the Trust family have experienced financial difficulty, largely because of their size and sustainability. The Trust has offered an effective solution and allowed Principals to concentrate on their core purpose of the Education, Care and Support of Children and Young People with SEN and Disabilities.


Our Core Beliefs:


All of our children deserve excellent teachers and support staff who like them, want them to have fun and go out of their way to ensure they succeed.


Every child in the Trust should have the same opportunities to try many different, exciting and challenging experiences including adventurous and outdoor activities.


All of our children and young people can achieve and make excellent progress.


All children and young people should have opportunities to help others, face challenges and have experiences that develop their character, empathy and ability to understand and interact with others around them.


We will ensure that as our children grow up we will treat them appropriately as maturing young adults and we will give them every chance to make choices for themselves and be involved in the decisions that affect them.


We will strive to ensure that all of our children and young people are treated with respect and dignity at all times. We will ensure that intimate care is restricted to a small number of known and familiar people (key people)


In everything we do we will ensure that the voice and choice of the child is clear including when we touch, move or act on behalf of our children and young people. 



Folly Lane, Walthamstow, E17 5NT
T: 020 8709 3042